Cocktail Tips From Our Charleston Bar

21246Cocktail Tips From Our Charleston Bar
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We sat down with Becca Grites our fabulous bartender in Charleston, known for our famous frosé and outdoor patio!  We have a lot of fun there, so we want to share some of her tricks of the trade with you. Here are five must-haves for your home bar! 

1. Keep It Fresh: Fresh ingredients – citrus being my personal favorite! – are an absolute must when it comes to creating cocktails at home. A few of my favorites include peeled grapefruit rinds atop champagne or a vodka drink; it adds a hint of tartness and a lot of beauty! Always squeeze fresh limes for your margaritas – never use pre-made margarita mix. Once you try it, you’ll taste the difference and never go back! Our Skinny Dip go-to is to slice fresh oranges to garnish our Aperitif Sprtiz. This little pop of citrus makes all the difference in one of our most refreshing menu items.

2. Bubbles, Please!: Adding a little fizz always makes for more fun! Topping cocktails with prosecco, champagne, or soda water gives your drink a boost without affecting the taste. No wonder so many of you prefer our frosé with the champagne floater!

3. Everything’s Nice on Ice: Yes, even wine! In fact, rose on ice is my favorite way to drink the summertime staple. In these warm Charleston summers, try all of your drinks over ice to cool you down and keep you hydrated.

4. Go For It with Garnish: You can never go wrong with adding organic elements to your drinks! A sprig of lavender works well for drier cocktails or even in champagne, while basil plays an excellent balance with fruity flavors, like the strawberry notes in The Palm rose. If you gravitate more toward earthy spirits like gin, you’ll be amazed what a little sage or rosemary can do!

5. A Cool, Dry Place: Never let your wines, liquors, or beers vary in temperature. It’s easy to forget some beers in the cooler and they get warm overnight…but once they do, they’re done. Always keep liquor on the bar cart, never in the freezer or fridge. Beer and wine can start on the shelf, but once cold, keep them that way until you enjoy them – bringing them from room temp, to cold, back to room temp will sour them. Red wine should always stay and be served at room temperature, unless it’s Lambrusco. We serve our Lamrusco ice cold, and in a champagne flute for more fun!


Cheers, y’all!

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