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What is the inspiration behind your brand? Whimsical, feminine classic designs with timeless appeal.

How did you get started? After collecting and selling vintage I set out to create my own jewelry collection based on the vintage styles I love. We make everything in the U.S. and take inspiration from the one-of-a-kind pieces I find on my regular vintage jewelry hunts.

Does where you’re based effect your designs? I definitely think living in Charleston has had an influence on my aesthetic – both in how I design and in how I dress – particularly when it comes to the beautiful almost Caribbean color palate you find here.

How did the Charleston Rice beads come to be? I’ve always collected vintage jewelry and started doing private vintage jewelry trunk shows here years ago. The Charleston Rice Beads were a vintage necklace that I came across in one of my hunts. A friend of mine who owns a retail store here filled me in on the history. They had stopped manufacturing them in the late 80’s and while there were attempts made at reworking the original, there was nothing quite like them available anymore. With more limited options for Charleston gifts five years ago I thought about how fun it would be to have them re-made – but this time do them in modern colors and styles instead of just the original gold and silver beads. Our colorful line of rice beads have become collectible go-to gifts for tourists and native Charlestonians alike – they are just so versatile and fun to wear!

How would you describe your own personal style? Feminine, with an edge.

What trend are you loving this season? Big earrings!

Give us a style tip for your brand? I love to layer our rice bead necklaces and bracelets together – especially mixing the colors and the metallics.

Who do you love on Instagram right now? I am addicted to designer Parker Kennedy Living’s account @pklthecellar who share and sell their never-ending collection of vintage accessories. Also the accounts @fruit_stickers @palmbeachthrifters and the interior designer @patricia_bustos.

What’s your biggest fashion faux pas pet peeve? Athleisure 24/7.

If we came to visit you in Charleston where MUST we go?

Favorite Beach? Sullivan’s Island is pretty magical.

Favorite Food? Anything made with potatoes.

Favorite Quote? Comparison is the thief of joy!

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